Hello To All Dads Around The World!

Posted: November 7, 2010 in family

You are the KEY to raising our childrenHello! I first want to say welcome to the One Concerned Father’s blog site. I’m very excited to to be on WordPress and having the honor of having my thoughts viewed by people, all over the world. This is something new for me and I will enjoy every minute of it.

Well…. let’s skip the chit-chat and get to the point of why I’m here.

Where did One Concerned Father come from and what is your purpose?

That’s a good question! Very good indeed. One Concerned Father came about as thought in the back of my mind. However, It originally started out to be, mainly thoughts I had about being a father and the responsibilities & Duties that comes along with it.  Being that I came from a single family home with no father, I had no guidance on how to be a father. I didn’t no how to be  a man in general. So, through my experiences, both good and bad, I compiled some thoughts and techniques over 10 years of fatherhood and I want to  share them to help new fathers and fathers to be.

I’ve done a little research to see if there were any websites, blogs, or anything that caters specifically to fathers.I didn’t find much. I mean, a couple government websites promoting marriage, WIC, Pamphlets on fatherhood (child support) which I’m okay with. I found a few Father’s Rights groups.  Those that I’ve found mostly on parenting. Nothing that was really directed towards fathers.  PERIOD.

This blog site is specifically for Fathers and almost everything goes. There will be many different subjects from Fatherly duties & responsibilities. To Discipline, and spending time with your children. I’ll also talk about saving your marriage if your en-route for divorce. It kills me when a family breaks up. Especially when the kids are in the middle. We will get to that subject soon.

I want to be able to provide great information for all fathers. I hope as the years goes on, my blogs will be very valuable.  I’m thankful to have my family, my children stand by me and love to their hearts content. This will make writing a little easier.  as I create new blogs and talk about many different subjects, please feel free to leave a comment, weather you agree or disagree. If you feel you need to critique the information I’ve given.  I’m alright with it. And please, no disrespect nor foul language. It’s not good for for you as a parent and definitely not good for your children to hear.

One Concerned Father is Geared towards father and it is my hope that the information provide becomes valuable for you and your family. And don’t worry, I’ll throw in some neat surprise information that you can download and use for your family. talk about great vacation spots, weekend getaways with the wife, etc.

So, until next time… We’ll be talking soon!


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